City passes restaurant smoking ban
UA students accustomed to lighting up in restaurants will be forced outside starting Oct. 1 after the Tucson City Council last night voted to ban smoking in local eateries. After more than an hour of interruptions from hecklers and passionate speeches from audience members, the council voted 4-3 in favor of the legislation.

Wildcats set to close out Grand Canyon series
The UA baseball team will head to Phoenix tonight to play the Grand Canyon Antelopes in probably the most important transition game between Pacific 10 Conference series this season.

Stolen notes
What does it mean to commit a crime? Does it entail breaking the law? Can it be justified in some circumstances? Most of us strongly believe we are being ripped off each day. The price of food is too high, tuition is ridiculous, and who can even afford to go out anymore? It feels like we are working harder to make less money that is, generally, of little value.

Will the smoking ban affect where you eat dinner?

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Today: Partly cloudy. Breezy and much cooler, with a slight chance of morning snow showers over the mountains. Light south wind in the morning, becoming northwest 15 mph in the afternoon. Highs in the upper 60s. Tonight, becoming clear. Lows in the lower 40s.

"Some people do it for the love of the art. I'm doing it for the beer and the taco."
Thomas Judd, 31, of San Francisco, CA. In an effort to win a lifetime of free lunches from a local Mexican restaurant, Judd had the company═s logo (a sombrero-wearing mariachi boy riding a blazing corncob) tattooed on his right calf.

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