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ASUA Senate allocates $1000 in emergency funds for clubs

By David J. Cieslak
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 15, 1999
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Arizona Daily Wildcat

"At least everyone will. get subsidized a little bit." Emily Dunn Associated Students Senator

The ASUA Senate last night donated $1,000 to a fund for campus organizations that lost money because of Spring Fling's weather-related closure.

University of Arizona's club members that participated in Spring Fling emerged with dampened hopes earlier this month after rainstorms forced the four-day carnival to close for two days.

Associated Students Sen. Emily Dunn said she wanted the Senate to use a portion of its budget to aid organizations that relied heavily on profits from the annual event.

"At least everyone will have the chance to get subsidized a little bit," Dunn said. "We had huge requests because people have end of the year travel. We just wanted to make sure the clubs had enough money."

A memo released Tuesday by Spring Fling Director Chantelle Brewer states that UA clubs that took part in the carnival grossed $44,874.

But that figure is a sharp decrease from last year's club income of $86,000.

"We had a goal set of $90,000 that we wanted to make for the clubs this year," Brewer said, adding that ASUA has agreed to allow clubs to keep an 11 percent fee normally assessed to offset carnival production.

"We felt it was in our best interest to give that (the 11 percent) up to help the clubs this year," she said. "The clubs don't have anything to help compensate for their loss."

Brewer's memo also indicates that five clubs made more than $1,200 in profits, and six other organizations surpassed $800.

"Fortunately, many of the clubs did incredibly well considering the obstacles that had to be overcome," the memo states.

But the University of Arizona will ultimately pay the tab for the Spring Fling washout. About $25,000 of a $190,000 loan given to Spring Fling by the UA budget office will not be repaid, Brewer said yesterday.

In a long-standing agreement reached between the UA and Spring Fling directors, the university forgives any debt that carnival officials cannot repay.

"Obviously they (the UA budget office) knew there's a problem with the amount of money that's coming in," Brewer said. "We're looking at probably about a $25,000 loss."