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Watch out for Poot

By annie holub
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 15, 1999
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The first thing you should know about Poot is that they sound like "post-modern dirty mayonnaise."

Drummer Jericho Davidson was quick to add "Or cartoons on acid!"

"It's all about freeing your mind, man," guitarist Ian Philabaum said, a bit sarcastically.

Bassist Mike Decicco, Davidson, Philabaum and singer Quin Davis, a Media Arts sophomore, showed up for their interview chomping on ice cream sandwiches, and the way they berate and cajole each other clearly demonstrates that these guys are not your typical self-absorbed wannabe rock stars. They just wanna have fun. And they want you to have fun, too.

Poot has been around since early 1997, and has become a fixture on the all-ages scene. "I don't think we've ever played a 21-and-over show," said Philabaum, his band mates nodding in agreement. Since Skrappy's closed last year, all-ages venues have become few and far between, but Poot manages, playing frequently at the Rock, in the Student Union's Cellar, and at various park shows and other all-ages events.

The Club Crawl this year added two all-ages stages as part of their effort to cater to more than just college-rock drinkers. Poot is scheduled to play at 7 p.m. on the Art Square stage, which is the all-ages stage next door to the Youth Storefront, located in Arizona Alley, across the street from Cafe Quebec on Broadway Boulevard. Admission for the all-ages stages is $3, and that gets you in to both venues.

This is the first time that Poot has been a part of Club Crawl, and they're looking forward to playing for larger crowds composed of more than just their friends and loyal fans.

"It would be nice to have a name and a show that's recognized," said Philabaum.

As for the future, Poot's working on a 5-song EP that they hope to have out in the next few months. And as for their show on Saturday, they would like you to know one more thing: "We put on a good show and we're gonna entertain regardless," said Philabuam. "Just don't leave."