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Police Beat

By Liz Dailey
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 19, 1999
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University police arrested a Tucson man on suspicion of theft Thursday after he refused to pay for meals in the UA Memorial Student Union, police reports stated.

Employees at the Fiddlee Fig reportedly saw Ahmad Faraz, 23, enter the restaurant at 9:10 a.m., pick up a tray of food and walk past cashiers who were unable to stop him.

Faraz came back into the Fiddlee Fig, 1303 E. University Blvd., at 1:45 p.m., got another tray of food and attempted to walk by the cashiers again, reports stated. Two cashiers reportedly asked Faraz if he paid for the food, to which he replied "yes."

The restaurant's supervisor followed Faraz to ask why he didn't pay for the food. Faraz reportedly said he paid, but the supervisor insisted that he did not.

Faraz then told the supervisor he "should not have to pay" for the food and told the employee to "call the police."

When police officers asked Faraz how he paid for the food, and he replied that it was his "philosophy that he should be fed for being here," reports stated.

Faraz was unable to provide police with any form of identification, and said his name was "Jeremy Jaime Kennedy." He also gave police a birth date and Social Security number.

Officers were unable to find any record of a "Jeremy Jaime Kennedy."

Police asked Faraz if anyone could identify him. He then gave police his mother's name and phone number.

Officers spoke with his mother, who positively identified him as Ahmad Faraz, of a general delivery address, reports stated.

Faraz told police he had "just found himself" and that he was "Jeremy Jaime Kennedy."

Employees told police they wanted to press charges and requested that Faraz be prohibited from returning to the Fiddlee Fig, reports stated.

Officers photographed the food and took Faraz to Pima County Jail. He was booked on suspicion of theft and providing false information to police, reports stated.

A student called police Thursday after she found a suspicious note in her room, police reports stated.

The student told officers she was living at Coronado Residence Hall, 822 E. Fifth St., until she moved out last week because she was "having trouble" with her roommate, reports stated.

Before she moved, the student reportedly found a note from her roommate on her desk. The roommate allegedly wrote that the student had "pissed" her off. The letter also stated that "you better watch yourself," reports stated.

The roommate also allegedly wrote that she had a dream about pushing the student "out a window," and it did not "upset" her, reports stated.

The student declined to press charges but asked police to document the incident.

A student was referred to the Dean of Students Diversion Program Thursday after someone else's parking permit was found in her car, police reports stated.

A Parking and Transportation Services employee found the Zone One permit in a red 1997 Toyota Tercel and booted the car. The Toyota was parked in a UA lot on East Seventh Street and North Vine Avenue.

An officer spoke with the student, who said she was using a permit lent to her by a friend.

The student said her friend, a nursing student, rarely used the permit. She said she had used the permit every Tuesday and Thursday for a month, reports stated.

The officer told the student she was not allowed to switch the permit from one car to another. He referred her to the Diversion Program on suspicion of theft of services and released her.

Police took a Tucson man to jail Thursday afternoon because of an outstanding warrant, police reports stated.

An officer spotted Christopher M. Stockstill, 21, driving east on East University Boulevard at 5:15 p.m.

Police recognized Stockstill from a previous arrest on suspicion of reckless driving, reports stated.

The officer stopped Stockstill and informed him that there was a warrant for his arrest. Stockstill told police he knew about the warrant but that he did not "have the money for it," reports stated.

Police took Stockstill to Pima County Jail where he was released by Pre-Trial Services.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.