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By Kim Stravers
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 20, 1999
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Care for a serenade with that sandwich? Escape from the heat and eat your lunch inside today at the DuVal Auditorium of the Arizona Health Sciences Center. Center Stage will be presenting the Sons of Orpheus' "The Boys of Summer" from noon to 1 p.m. Nancy Guthrie can tell you more at 626-7301.

If time is money, get more for your dough today at the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Noon Seminar. Two postdoc speakers will be sharing their dynamite scientific insights with you at noon in room 212 of the Biological Sciences West building. Aurora Nedelcu will kick off the seminar with the exclamation, "Life is beautiful! A green algal perspective," and Jen Wernegreen will end the hour with an explanation of the "Evolutionary consequences of obligate symbiosis: rates and patterns of molecular evolution in Buchnera." Need more information? Call Susana Noriega-Edmond at 621-1588.

Joel Snyder will give you all the directives you need at this afternoon's Renewable and Natural Resources Seminar. At noon, in room 225 of the Biological Sciences East building, Snyder will discuss "California Condors - Biology and Releases: Where We are, How We Got There and Where We Should be Going." The man used to be the leader of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Condor Program, for Pete's sake - if anyone can assess the situation, it's him. Call the department of renewable natural resources at 621-7257.

Think the local weatherman pulls the forecasts out of some small, dark place now? Just think what meteorology is gonna be like in the future! See what "Global Weather Services in 2025" will entail at today's Institute of Atmospheric Physics/Department of Atmospheric Sciences Seminar. Richard Anthes will be giving this lecture from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in room 220 of the Physics and Atmospheric Sciences building. Get to room 546 by 3 p.m., and you could be the lucky recipient of some free refreshments. Call Gina M. Wasson at 621-6831 for more information.

Another mysterious and unspecified Colloquium will magically take place in room 308 of the Kuiper Space Sciences building at 3:30 p.m. this afternoon. Mark Marley (New Mexico State University) will be describing "Brown Dwarfs." Don't worry - it's not a racial slam or anything. It's astronomy, baby, and he'll be keeping "A Planetary Perspective" the whole time. Find out why this viewpoint is new and important by calling Joan Weinberg at 621-2828.

Whether it's your major or just a means of balancing your checkbook, math's a pretty important thing of which to be conscious. For this reason, some high-falutin' number-crunchers have deemed the next few days Math Awareness Week. Take part in one of the first activities this evening at the DuVal Auditorium of the University Medical Center. Regents Professor Art Winfree and Dr. Timothy Secomb will jointly give a lecture on "Mathematics and the Heart" from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. The departments of ecology and evolutionary biology, physiology, and mathematics have combined their talents to bring you this informative talk. More information is available by calling Chris Mikel at 621-2056.