UA plans scholarship program with Navajo Nation officials
In response to low American Indian student retention rates at the UA, the Navajo Nation and university officials are forming a pact aimed at keeping tribal students in school. Under the intergovernmental agreement, the Navajo Nation would provide students from reservations with $4,000 yearly scholarships - if the UA insures they attend mandatory academic counseling, including tutoring for mid-term and final exams.

Wildcats happy to be home
It took the UA baseball team 12 hours to get from Tucson to its hotel Thursday night to find out that they would not be playing Friday evening due to a campus power outage at Washington State.

More angst about this modern world
You'd think the German government would've considered the timing of moving their parliament back to Berlin's Reichstag the day before the 110th anniversary of Adolph Hitler's birth. But then again, maybe not. At the same time, you'd think Tucson's local Earth Day committee would've figured that selling sponsorship of Saturday's awareness event to companies like Raytheon, a corporation with a historical link to environmental catastrophes in Pima county was a bad idea.

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Today: Mostly sunny and continuing to be very warm. Highs in the mid 90s. Wind becoming northwest 5 to 15 mph by afternoon. Tonight, mostly clear. Lows 55 to 60.

"Since when was a dictator defeated in 24 hours?"
Jamie Shea, chief spokesman for NATO, on whether or not the alliance's airstrikes could defeat Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's actions in Kosovo.

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