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Not a single hand to help

By Valerie Golembiewski
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 21, 1999
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To the editor,

On Tuesday, April 13, my supervisor was walking near the fountain at Old Main at approximately 7:30 in the morning. She tripped and fell. In much pain (she subsequently discovered that she had broken her arm) she sat on the ground for a while, dusty and disheveled, until she could garner the strength necessary to stand and walk back to her office. Several people, employees and students, passed her by, but no one offered to help, or to even inquire if she was OK. The force of the fall was so great that her keys flew out of her hand, far enough away that she couldn't find them.

I find it appalling that no one stopped to offer assistance. Surely she couldn't have been mistaken for a homeless person or a drunk(she was dressed in career clothes, had her hair coifed and was wearing makeup).

And it is not a usual sight to see a well-dressed person sitting on the ground, early in the morning, clutching her arm, and looking like she had just been in an accident.

The one redeeming grace was that someone found her keys and turned them into the lost and found area at the Student Union. Thank you, whoever you are.

The next time you see someone who looks hurt, or bewildered, or lost, please ask if they need help. The Golden Rule is still a viable option.

Valerie Golembiewski
Office specialist senior
International Affairs