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Not making a difference by sitting in the bell tower

By Lindsay K. Stollar
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 29, 1999
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To the editor,

Ever since UA signed with Nike, all of us folks here have had the privilege to listen to these laughable examples of college students from "Students Against Sweatshops." And I wonder, where do you people come from? Were you the last one picked when teams were made for kickball in PE? Were you one of the kids who ran around the bases backwards? You must have been because you have some sort of twisted animosity that could only have come from childhood trauma such as this: Little kid playing tee ball manages to hit the ball on the third swing and runs to first only to trip on the bag and face plant in the dirt. Little kid gets laughed at and grows up fighting against Nike to avenge this evil monster called sports.

Let me give you people a tip: You're not accomplishing anything! That noise you hear on the lawn in front of the Administration building is not people oohing and aahing at your influential protest, it's laughing. All of us pissants think you're pretty funny playing with your microphone up there.

No one's paying attention to you because all we hear is static and whining.

It just makes me so angry because you are wasting so much time and energy. In the scheme of things, it doesn't matter what Nike says or does because there are bigger problems in the world.

A sickening amount of women die each year from heart disease because no one believes that they're sick. Our soldiers are really fighting for lives in Kosovo. And you're sitting up there in a bell tower. In all this time, you could have donated to research in women's health, or you could have written letters to a soldier in Kosovo and made his or her day.

In seven days, you could have actually gone to one of those sweatshops and physically rescued one of those children if it means that much to you. You could have made a difference. Because let me tell you, you aren't making one now.

Lindsay K. Stollar
Studio art junior