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Shocked and delighted at Daughters on Campus editorial

By Francis Carmel
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 29, 1999
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To the editor,

I was both shocked and delighted to read your editorial concerning "Take your daughter to work day."

Shocked to actually see in black and white before my very eyes something printed in support of boys and men, in place of the incessant male bashing and negative stereotyping that is so disturbingly prevalent, accepted, and practiced with frequency by many women today, without the slightest protestation by most men. Delighted that someone thought to present a balanced, reality-based view of assisting both girls and boys in this very turbulent time.

It is truly amazing that the issue of demonizing or otherwise ignoring the needs of boys and men, and the subsequent unspoken damage this practice has and will cause is never, ever acknowledged, let alone explored.

So, thank you for shining a little light on this very important issue.

Francis Carmel
Nursing student