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Blackstreet - Finally

By james casey
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 29, 1999
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Arizona Daily Wildcat

(Interscope Records)

In downtown San Diego there is a hairdressers' named "Afrocentric Barber." I'll bet my last penny that Blackstreet would visit said establishment if they were in San Diego and needed a haircut. I didn't visit the barber when I was there. I don't need a haircut. If you're ever in San Diego, don't forget to visit the Afrocentric Barber. You won't be sorry.

Several guest stars appear on the LP such as Janet, Teddy Riley and Ja Rule (of Ruff Ryder fame). I wonder if Janet would visit the barbershop in San Diego? Does the Afrocentric barber do women cuts?

Ja Rule wears a bandana. Is this to cover a hideous crop top? The Afrocentric Barber specializes in fixing bad styles and making you presentable again. DMX should visit them; they'll do wonders for his image. Stevie Wonder cameos on "In a Rush," which leads me to another question. Does Mr. Wonder care about his cut? If so, he should check

out the Afrocentric Barber. Braiding is on their list of styles. Stevie could get a "tune up."

All I know is that the Afrocentric Barber kicks ass. Blackstreet should give them a call and schedule an appointment. They won't be sorry.

- james casey