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Make-Up - I Want Some

By annie holub
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 29, 1999
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Arizona Daily Wildcat

I Want Some

There's a sect of independent music out there, and it could be called Ian. It's run by such greats as Ian Mackaye of Fugazi and Ian Svenonius of Make-Up. It's a purely DIY, screaming-for-your-cause movement that bows down to no one. Bands such as Fugazi and their earlier form, Minor Threat, and Make-Up and their earlier forms, the Nation of Ulysses and the Frumpies, consistently put out release after release on indie label after indie label. The Make-Up has released so many seven-inches it's hard to keep track. But now, thanks to K records, you can own all the great singles on one convenient disc, I Want Some.

In all its 23 track glory, I Want Some has something for everybody. You have your traditional Make-Up pure funk, Ian Svenonius-screams-like-a-horny-cat tracks, you have some super-catchy songs where once-Sassiest Boy in America Svenonius actually almost sings, and you have some that fall somewhere in between. It's a good document of the Make-Up's large body of work, clocking in with something like seventy minutes of worship to the sect of Ian.

- annie holub