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Uninformed letter-writer should have been censored

By Amy Dayton
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 30, 1999
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To the editor,

Shame on the Wildcat for publishing Lindsay Stollar's illogical, rhetorically empty letter to the editor against the Students Against Sweatshops sit-in.

Ms. Stollar has ignored the complexity of the protests and irrationally reduced them to what she considers a fight "against Nike to avenge this evil monster called sports." Perhaps if she had bothered to read the Wildcat coverage of the sit-in or any of the statements released by either Likins or the protesters, she would know that this sit-in has nothing to do with "sports" and is irrelevant to the problem of heart disease or the conflict in Kosovo.

Apparently Ms. Stollar feels that these issues should preempt all others; they are the only two worth caring about.

The Wildcat has a responsibility to allow interested parties on both sides to express their views. This means printing letters from those who understand the issues at hand, rather than the incoherent rants of the uninformed.

Amy Dayton
Graduate Assistant
English Language/Linguistics