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By Audrey DeAnda
Arizona Daily Wildcat
May 5, 1999
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A male student called university police Sunday night after receiving several prank phone calls.

He told officers the phone calls have been occurring over the past two weeks at his home and work. The student said the most recent call was to his home Sunday at 5:30 a.m.

A man left a message on the student's answering machine stating, "This is your last day, today," police reports stated.

The student told officers he was "fearful" of the calls and said he was willing to press charges if the caller was identified.

Police asked the student why he might be receiving these calls. The student told officers he is an active member of the Muslim Students Association, supports Students Against Sweatshops and has published letters to the editor in the Arizona Daily Wildcat.

Two officers rushed to the UA-area Jack in the Box parking lot early Saturday morning after hearing a woman scream.

Police officers were on patrol in an alley west of the restaurant, 934 E. Speedway Blvd. at 1:13 a.m.

When the officers arrived, a large crowd was gathered around a crying woman whose face and hands were spotted with blood, police reports stated.

According to reports, several individuals on the scene told officers the suspects went inside the restaurant.

One officer went to the north side of the eatery and spotted two men running east on East Speedway Boulevard. The officer told them to stop, but they kept running toward a car waiting on Speedway, reports stated.

The officer ran up to the vehicle, pulled out his gun and ordered the men to get out of the vehicle.

The men told the officer they witnessed the incident and ran from the parking lot, but denied further involvement, reports stated.

When officers returned to the restaurant with the men, the victim had left.

Police told the men they would be contacted if the victim filed a report.

Police arrested a student on suspicion of theft of services Friday after a Parking and Transportation Services employee discovered an allegedly falsified parking permit in his car.

Andrew N. Laluk, 22, told police he photocopied a UA parking permit and admitted to using it for the past week.

He told officers "I photocopied my brother's parking pass and used it. He didn't know. I didn't think I could get in trouble for this," police reports stated.

Laluk, of the 1700 block of East Speedway Boulevard, was cited and released.

A female student was reported missing early Monday morning by her younger brother.

The student was supposed to meet her brother outside the Memorial Student Union after doing research for a paper. The student's younger brother called police at 1:35 a.m. after she did not arrive, police reports stated.

Officers took the missing student's brother and mother to look for her at numerous locations, but she was not found.

The student's mother was very concerned because in March her daughter had filed a report with police about being stalked, reports stated.

The student was later located at a friend's house, reports stated. Police said the situation was a misunderstanding.

A Parking and Transportation Services employee contacted police after discovering two vehicles with suspicious UA parking permits on Monday morning.

The employee first noticed a 1996 red Dodge Avenger in UA parking lot at East Fourth Street and North Euclid Avenue with a suspicious Zone One parking permit.

He told officers the Dodge's permit was darker than usual and appeared flawed, police reports stated.

The employee also discovered a lost permit in the same parking lot. He noticed a UA permit in a 1991 red Nissan pick-up truck that was not registered to the car, reports stated.

The parking employee booted both vehicles and told police he would call when the car owners returned to have the boots removed.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.