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By Liz Dailey
Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 14, 1998
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University police arrested a Tucson man early Thursday morning after he yelled at and allegedly pushed an officer in front of Coronado Residence Hall, 822 E. Fifth St., police reports stated.

Cody L. Sweet, 22, of the 200 block of West Blacklidge Drive, was the passenger in a passing sport-utility truck when a plainclothes university police officer responded to a disturbance call at the dorm.

According to reports, the officer found two cars parked in front of the residence hall playing loud music. As the officer was speaking with the owners of the two cars, a sports utility truck pulled up behind the parked vehicles.

Sweet reportedly stuck his head out of the passenger side window of the truck and yelled "Hey!"

According to police reports, the officer initially ignored Sweet and continued to speak with the owners.

Sweet again yelled, "Hey!" and the officer reportedly asked Sweet to whom he was talking.

Sweet then told to the officer to "come here" and the officer lifted his shirt to expose a police badge and told Sweet to move on, reports stated.

Sweet then told the officer, "Fuck you. I ain't scared of you." The officer again told the occupants of the truck to move on, reports stated.

When the truck didn't move, the officer approached Sweet at the passenger side window and Sweet asked the officer for a light, reports stated.

The officer showed his badge again and asked them to move on.

Sweet then looked at the driver of the vehicle and said, "Yeah right, he's not a cop," reports stated.

The officer then asked Sweet to step out of the truck, and he did, holding an open can of beer.

When asked to provide identification, Sweet then threw the beer on the ground and showed the officer his driver's license, reports stated.

Sweet then asked the undercover officer to see his badge and when he showed it to him, Sweet attempted grab it, reports stated.

The officer the swatted Sweet's hand away, and then the 22 year old reportedly tried to strike the officer, reports stated.

The officer told Sweet to sit down on the curb, but he pushed the plainclothes policeman with two hands and attempted to grab the officer's radio, saying, "Let me have that so I can call you in," reports stated.

The officer then grabbed Sweet by the front of his shirt and walked him over to the curb.

According to reports, Sweet pushed the officer's hands away and stuck his chest in the officer's face. The policeman then threw Sweet to the ground, using his foot to trip him, reports stated.

Other officers arrived and aided in Sweet's arrest, reports stated.

Sweet was taken to the Pima County Jail where he was cited on suspicion of aggravated assault on an officer and obstructing a street.

He later was released by Pretrial Services, said reports.

A female student called university police Thursday evening to report receiving harassing phone calls from an unidentified man.

The student told police she had received a call Aug. 31 from a man who called himself "Jason."

Jason told the woman he was a professional hit man and that he just wanted to talk, police reports stated. The student then reportedly told the caller she did not want to speak with him and hung up the phone.

The student told police she had received nine additional calls from Jason during the course of seven days and that she has stopped answering her phone because the calls "creeped her out," reports stated.

The student requested a police report on the matter so that she could change her phone number.

University police arrested a 37-year-old Tucson man at the Main Library, 1510 E. University Blvd., early Thursday morning after a female employee working at the information desk called to report a suspicious character.

The employee told officers that a man, later identified as Scott Russell Osborn, 37, of the 4700 block of North Kolb Road, had been in the library all night and had also been seen near the faculty refrigerator, police reports stated.

She told officers where to find Osborn, who was using a computer in the information center.

They asked Osborn for identification and questioned him about tampering with the faculty refrigerator.

Osborn reportedly told police he hadn't been in the refrigerator area and later said he had been using a computer in the library all night, reports stated.

After a records check, officers discovered a warrant for peddling under Osborn's name.

He was taken to the Pima County Jail and booked.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.

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