SSN privacy bill becomes new state law
Arizona Gov. Jane Hull has joined the Legislature to stop the stateās three universities from automatically using studentsā Social Security numbers for identification purposes.

Top of the line
UA Athletic Director Jim Livengood was given the inaugural National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics/Continental Airlines Division IA athletic director of the year award. Livengood is the only Division IA award winner, and will receive the award June 14 at NACDA's convention in Reno, Nev.

The spice of life
"For some reason, I want to get Spice," she said. I laughed, because this was obviously a joke. An intelligent, 20-year-old female, in what appeared to be full possession of all her mental faculties, as well as a healthy amount of cultural elitism, wouldn't dream of doing such a thing. At least, that's what I had thought.

Do you ever think twice about giving out your SSN?

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This week:
Sunny with highs in the upper 90ās and breaking 100 by the end of the week. Nights, mostly clear. Lows 60 to 65.

ćIāll say something that Iāve never said before: The jury reached the wrong verdict.ä
÷Steven Worth, Attorney for New York Police officer Charles Schwarz. The officer was convicted yesterday of violating a Haitian immigrantās civil rights in an NYPD stationhouse bathroom

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