Pipin' Hot
Take a stroll by McKale Center on a Sunday or Monday night this summer and you might be tempted to grab a mace and join William Wallace on a battlefield in the Scottish Highlands. The Pipes and Drums of the Seven Pipers Society are hard at work in preparation for their trip to Scotland in six weeks. The troupe will be competing in the World Championship in Glasgow in August.

Bench Them?
Olson is totally opposed to having incoming players begin playing after the first semester, saying it would be impossible to build team chemistry by having a new batch of players begin practicing and playing midway through the season. "If they are not eligible to compete from the start of the season, they are going to be far behind," he said. "I'd rather have them sit out the entire season."

Venetian Summer
In Charles Roe's third year as the University of Arizona's Fine Arts Summer Opera director, he's chosen a Gilbert & Sullivan favorite. Gilbert & Sullivan are a 19th century writing duo who wrote some of the best operettas in the history of English theater, precursors of today's Broadway musical. Their most famous works are "The Pirates of Penzance," and "H.M.S Pinafore"

UA's acquisitions of Casa Feliz: Good idea?

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This Week:
Partly cloudy with a slight chance for afternoon showers until Friday. Clear all weekend. Highs will top 100, with nights ranging between 65-70.

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