Police have 'strong suspect' in grad student hit-and-run
Pima County sheriff's investigators pinpointed a suspect in the hit-and-run killing of a UA graduate student but have yet to make an arrest, a spokesman said last night...

UA students, prof say JFK Jr will be missed
While John F. Kennedy Jr. did not affect the country as a politician, individual Americans will still remember him as a charismatic figure and an national icon, ...

SATs a poor judge of students' futures
It's the one Saturday morning every high school student dreads. They prepare for months, expecting the most intellectually strenuous questions and the proctor to be Satan himself. Some parents spend hundreds of dollars on testing aid services, hoping and praying that their children will really "increase their score by 100 points." And despite the students' career choices, people will ask them for years: "What did you get on your SATs?"

Do you believe in the Right to Bear Arms?

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Partly cloudy all week. Look for temps to top 100 again on Friday and highs to reach around 105. Lows all week will hover in the mid 70's.

"We wish very much we'd had more information. But we had nothing that indicated the plane was overdue or that it was in such trouble." Eliot Brenner, FAA spokesman, when asked why the FAA did not act immediately when it lost track of John F. Kennedy Jr's plane over Martha's Vineyard.

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