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By Brett Erickson
Arizona Summer Wildcat
July 28, 1999
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Scott Andrew Taras
Arizona Summer Wildcat

Laura Tesler, a third-year graduate student in anthropology, takes a nap inside the Gallagher Theater lobby. Once a favored spot for student naps, Gallagher will be lost to the renovation of the Memorial Student Union.

Arizona Summer Wildcat

Pulling an all-nighter for an 8:00 a.m. math test.

Throwing back cold ones until the sun comes up.

Enjoying a quiet night away from the rigors of everyday college life.

Whatever the reason, it is common for University of Arizona students to get an insufficient amount of sleep.

But there is an ally for the deprived student who just can't seem to make it through the day on two hours of sleep - the nap.

With more responsibilities and a seemingly shrinking number of hours in the day, incoming freshmen quickly learn that afternoon naps can be a savior.

Napping on campus can be a bit tricky, though, as the blazing Arizona sun and 34,000 people often interfere with a student's ability to find 30 minutes of quiet-time. Like any other institution, there are certain places on campus that have become hotspots for daytime Van Winkles.

Perhaps the most popular place for a quick nap is the Main Library, located near the heart of campus, on the south side of the UA Mall. The library's quiet atmosphere and cushioned chairs - especially on the third and fourth floors - make it an ideal spot to drift off.

The library is also comfortably air-conditioned, making it perfect for the naps common for students with long breaks between classes. Sleepers are seldom disturbed by library staff members, except when loud snoring interferes with other students' ability to study.

While the library works well in hotter months, there are times when the Tucson weather gives students the perfect environment for an outdoor doze. When this happens - usually between October and March - many students flock to the grassy Mall to enjoy their lunch and a quick nap.

The only problems with this location are the chatter of passing people and the tendency to oversleep and miss class. To avoid falling victim to the latter, some students will use a pocket watch with an alarm to wake them up.

For those who want the outdoor climate but not the noise found on the mall, there are other good spots around campus. At the intersection of North Park Avenue and East University Boulevard is a small area shaded by several large trees.

This forest area is far enough removed from the center of the university that students can peacefully sleep on one of its several benches. The shade also offers an escape from triple-digit temperatures.

The one drawback to this location is the hard wooden benches, which can lead to the occasional stiff neck or sore back.

Another favorite place to catch a nap is a classroom. Although this option is not favored by UA professors, it can provide a major benefit to students with a long day ahead of them.

Sleeping in class is more common in morning classes, but a boring afternoon lecture combined with a lack of sleep can cause a student to doze off.

Large lecture halls work well for napping. Social Sciences 100 and Harvill 150 are the best. These auditoriums are typically used for large, freshman level courses like Psychology 101, Classics 126 and Management Information Systems 111.

Because these rooms can seat up to 500 students, it is fairly easy to hide in the back of the classroom and sleep undetected.

Please note, professors are not always as forgiving as librarians.