Police have 'strong suspect' in grad student hit-and-run
Pima County sheriff's investigators pinpointed a suspect in the hit-and-run killing of a UA graduate student but have yet to make an arrest, a spokesman said last night...

Campus Guide: Sports
Everything you always wanted to know about UA sports - but were afraid to ask. Come get a look at the upcoming football, swimming, basketball, soccer, cross country, and hockey teams...

Dear Members of the Campus Community...
UA President Peter Likins greets incoming students in his open letter to the UA community...

Do you believe in the Right to Bear Arms?

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Isolated thunderstorms are expected as monsoons continue. Highs around 100 and lows will hover around 77. Expect showers in the afternoons and muggy conditions all day until Tuesday.

"They're jerks. It's been great all weekend. People were cool, and now this is how people will remember Woodstock." Karen Thomas, 24, of Massachusetts, after a riot erupted at Woodstock 1999 which injured audience members and left the site in ruins.

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