Proposed House budget cuts might impact UA research
A U.S. House subcommittee proposal to cut NASA funding during the next fiscal year could have drastic impacts on UA research, officials said Monday. "It is actually a very scary proposal," said Michael Drake, head of the department of planetary sciences.

Closing time in Detroit Rock City
On Monday night, I went downtown to see my last baseball game at Tiger Stadium. I have been there well over a hundred times in my short lifetime, but most of those were before the strike (and the Tigers) went down.

Editorial: DA made best decision in Grinder hit-and-run
It's hard to explain the death of 31-year-old Martha Grinder. One could say that bad things happen to good people. Since she was a regular church-goer, others might say that she's with God now, and that her death was his plan.

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The skies will remain partly cloudy all weekend. Temperatures will rise over 100 again on Saturday. Lows all week around 73. Very little chance for rain.

"If New Year's Day 2000 were tomorrow, we believe the lights would remain on in North America.:
Michel R. Gent, the President of the The North American Electric Reliability Council (which handles most of America‚s utilities), when asked about the industry‚s Y2K readiness

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