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By Kim Stravers (Compiler)
Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 15, 1998
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Open Cast Call. Sick of watching "The Real World" rerun marathons? Would you like to forget about your upcoming term paper, run away and share a tropical vacation with a bunch of strangers? Solve a problem and enrich your life tonight at Gentle Ben's Brewing Company (conveniently located at 865 E. University). The casting staff for MTV's "Road Rules" and "The Real World" will be on hand to accept applications for both shows' upcoming seasons. If you are accepted as a member of the "Real World" cast, you will get to spend the filming season in Honolulu, Hawaii. Woohoo! If you are between the ages of 18 and 24, bring a pen, a recent photograph of yourself (that they can keep), and your charming, witty personality to the bar between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Jessica Wright can answer any questions you may have at 323-1993.

Hmmm, incest is... a touchy taboo. But according to the experts, animals do the beasty. Phil Hedrick will elaborate on this little quirk today in Room 237 of the Biological Sciences West building. Participate in the EEB Noon Seminar to satisfy your curiosity about "Inbreeding Depression in Mexican Wolves and Other Endangered Species." Susana Noriega-Edmond can fill you in on the procedural details at 621-1588.

Yet another vocabulary test! "Min-Max of the Smallest Positive Eigenvalue for the Laplacian: Part II" is the subject of today's Program in Applied Mathematics PDE Seminar. Leonid Friedlander, of the UA Department of Mathematics, will provide you with definitions and formulae at 12:30 p.m. in Room 402 of the Mathematics building. Call Kathleen Leick at 621-2016 for more information.

And you thought all you had to worry about were sunburns. Karin Labitzke of Frei Universitat Berlin will educate you about "Solar Variability Effects on the Earth's Stratosphere" today in Room 308 of Kuiper Space Sciences. The lecture runs from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. and is part of the PTYS/LPL Colloquia. Contact Pam Streett at 621-6963 for details.

Aren't you curious about bloodsuckers? I'm not referring to tax collectors, dissertation advisors or Dracula revisited. The next Chemistry Seminar is titled "Comparative Spectroelectrochemical Studies of Nitrophorins (NO-Binding Heme Proteins from the Saliva of a Bloodsucking Insect) and Their NO, Histamine and Imidazole Complexes." Ding will explain all of this to you in detail today at 4 p.m. in Room 216 of the Chemical & Biological Sciences building. "Which bloodsucking insect," you ask? Call Zhiping Zheng at 626-6495 for an answer.

Get hip, learn some history. Attend this seminar and you'll understand Peter Gabriel's song. The Africana Studies Program, the College of Humanities, the Department of Anthropology and the African Students Association are teaming up to present "The 21st Anniversary Commemoration of the Assassination of Steve Biko" tonight at 5:30. Biko founded the Black Consciousness Movement of Azania and the South African Students' Organization. He served as a key player in the liberation struggle of South Africa in the 1960s and 1970s. The film "Biko: Breaking the Silence" will be shown, and Lybon Mabasa (President of the Socialist Party of Azania) will deliver the address. The free event will take place in the Rincon Room of the Student Union. Dinner refreshments will be provided.

"Vegas, baby, Vegas!" "Swingers," a humorous glimpse into the lives of a few bachelor Californian hipsters, will be showing tonight at Gallagher Theatre at 10:50 only. Bring your love of swing music and your adoration for all the beautiful babies, but leave the martinis at home. Oh yeah, and bring $2.50 or you'll just have to hear about the flick from your friends.

Compiled by Kim Stravers

Financial Times Fall 98