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Arizona Summer Wildcat
August 9, 1999
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Arizona Summer Wildcat

August 9
Self-help session
Want to learn how to stop injuries before they happen? The Arizona Health Sciences Center is beginning sessions today at 3 p.m. to help you live without pain. The sessions are designed to help you move without restriction, with more comfort, reduce your injuries and generally make you a more fit person. Registered nurse Bonnie Angelie instructs the whole program in Room 2823 of the Arizona Health Sciences Center. The cost is $3 for each session or you can pay $30 for the whole semester. Call Lindsey Hunter Silverman 617-0879 for further details.

Money management
Taking care of your personal finances is serious business. Learn how to better handle your credit today at a clinic hosted at the Pima County Cooperative Extension. The workshop, which starts at 6:30 p.m., is entitled "Money 2000+," and is designed to help you better understand your credit history and how to better manage your personal funds. The program is expected to last around 2 hours and will only cost $10. It is being held at the Pima County Cooperative Extension, at 4210 N Campbell Ave, but you can contact Linda Brock at 626-5161 before hand with any questions.

August 10
Agriculture conference
Want to learn more about women in agriculture? Then you need to attend "The Farmers Wife," being held Tuesday around 8 a.m. The keynote speaker will be Juanita Bushkoetter, who is known for her appearance in a feature on agriculture for a PBS series. Bushkoetter will discuss her personal trials and tribulations as a farmer's wife in rural Nebraska. Both the Arizona Farm Bureau Women's Committee and the UA College of Agriculture are sponsoring the conference. The meeting will last all day today and is taking place in the Memorial Student Union. Contact the department at 621-8933 for additional information.

Trade meeting
The Sunbelt World Trade Association is hosting its weekly meeting today at 7:30 a.m. Use your morning to gain useful contacts to get ahead in the world of business. The topic for today's meeting will be several guests presenting different projects and jobs they are working on throughout the state. The meeting costs $10, which includes breakfast. A reservation is not needed. Call Mina Goldberg at 747-4466 for further details.

August 11
Summer school ends
The end is near. Today marks the end of the second summer session. Most will finish the term by taking various examinations and by partying like we only have 12 days until it all starts again. Be happy, your summer is over. Do something for yourself.

Pre-med lecture
The College of Medicine is ready to prepare all of you science majors out there for your career in medicine. They are hosting a "Mini-med school" which features lectures on basic and behavioral sciences. The theme of today's lecture is "Emerging Infectious Diseases," and the lecturer will be Dr. Kent Campbell, the director of the Arizona Prevention Center. You must call to reserve your spot, and they have limited seats available. But don't expect any credit for going, this is just extracurricular. It all takes place at the UA College of Medicine, Room 2117. The phone number you need to call is 626-7301. Historical society
Need to feed that yearning for historical knowledge? The Arizona Historical Society is prepared to take care of your jones. Today is the weekly lecture where historians re-enact Arizona's history. The society lectures cover Southern Arizona history and some Mexican history as well. The lectures all last two hours and begin at 7 p.m. To save yourself a seat call the AHS at 628-5774. It all takes place at the AHS building located at 949 E Second St., on the corner of Second and North Park Avenue.

August 12
Meteor shower
Those won't be UFO's you will see in the Tucson skies this evening. Tonight is the best night to see the annual Perseid Meteor Shower, and this year, viewers are in for a special treat. Due to the solar eclipse on Wednesday, the moon will be in its new phase, which will allow viewers to see the meteors without the moon's glare. Best viewing spots are located anywhere outside of the city lights, but your rooftop will do. The showers become visible around 9 p.m., but the optimal time to check them out is around midnight, where the meteors are expected to be at their brightest. If you miss this phenomenon tonight, you will still be able to see the meteors both Friday and Saturday night around the same time.

Regents meeting
Need your voice to be heard on education? Then travel on up to Flagstaff to check out this month's board meeting, which is being held at Northern Arizona University. Show up and let them know how you feel about various collegiate issues. The meeting is scheduled for 8 a.m., and you can call Judy Garza at 229-2507 for further information.

August 13
The Arizona Diamondbacks begin a six game homestand against the Milwaukee Brewers tonight at 7:05. The Diamondbacks are still pushing for their first ever division title, and hope to continue along that path by defeating the Brewers. Tickets for the game start around $7 for upper deck tickets and can be picked up at the front gate all weekend. After their three game set against Milwaukee, the Diamondbacks take on the Chicago Cubs from Monday until Wednesday.

Want your movie picks for the week? Being that it is summer, there are many to choose from. The new release for this week is "Detroit Rock City," a reenactment of 70's teenagers trying their hardest to get to the KISS concert in Detroit. If you need something a little less childish, "The Iron Giant," a cartoon story about a robot that fell from the sky and attempts to live in a small New England town. Need to be scared stiff? "Blair Witch Project" is still available to send chills down your spine. On the lighter side both "Mystery Men" and "Inspector Gadget" can produce some laughs. All of these movies can be found at theaters around Tucson.