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Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 10, 1998
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Wildcat staff picks #2 Florida
#6 Tennessee

Florida favored by 3 points
#5 Kansas State

Kansa St. favored by 24.5 points
#9 Washington

Washington favored by 9 points

UNC favored by 8 points
#16 Arizona

Arizona favored by 11 points

PeytonÍs gone, but is the curse gone with him? Sometimes one team can just own another one, and Florida has done that with the Vols for the past umpteen years.
Florida 34
Tennessee 28
The Wildcats finally get some real competition instead of whuppinÍ teams better reserved for my hometown LobosÍ patsy schedule.
Kansas State 35
Texas 34
BYU gainer respect from their 26-6 upsetof the Scum Devils, but Brock Huard will have another field day. The CougarÍs running game will keep it respectable, though.
Washington 45
Brigham Young 27
IÍd also be insane to pick Stanford after seeing what Arizona did to them last week. HereÍs one for staff alumnus Scottie Bricker! Enjoy it, cause the Tar Heels ainÍt gonna win many more.
North Carolina 23
Stanford 13
After seeing what Iowa State did to Iowa last week, thereÍs no way Arizona can lose this one without a series of major screw-ups. Not this year, not with this team.
Arizona 30
Iowa 17

Florida always beats Tennessee, despite all the hype the Vols make out of it. Peyton Manning couldnÍt do it, and Tee Martin sure canÍt either. Go Gators.
Florida 42
Tennessee 21
IÍm sick of K-State playing cream puffs like Northern Illinois and Indiana State. What can beating up 77-3 on a I-AA opponent do for you? Texas is going to bounce back from their loss to UCLA with the upset.
Texas 38
Kansas State 35
I was a BYU fan last week when they beat up on ASU, but this week, I hope the Pac-10 beats the WAC. BYU wonÍt be able to hang with U-Dub in this pass-happy game.
Washington 42
BYU 35
Two of last yearÍs Final Four basketball teams go head to head, but everything has suddenly gone wrong with their football programs. Still, I have to go with the Tar Heels, for personal reasons.
UNC 24
Stanford 10
IÍve been waiting for this one all summer. Iowa State pounded Iowa last week and Big Ten teams in general are struggling. The Wildcats are ArizonaÍs only decent football team. And IÍm including the Cardinals.
Arizona 35
Iowa 17

The Gators couldnÍt win while it was PeytonÍs place, but now itÍs T-time baby! Highlight for this game: the endzone. Put a big orange checkerboard on a football field and everyone goes home happy!
Tennessee 42
Florida 34
Texas QB Richard Walton is out so the Longhorns are playing a redshirt freshman named Major Applewhite. Does anyone else think thatÍs a funny name?
Kansas State 62
Texas 24
Speaking of names... Huard. Brock Huard. If his game ever runs out IÍm seeing a career in the porno industry for this guy. I could care less about this game since the real game is Washington-Nebraska next week...
Washinton 30
BYU 21
Chelsea joke? No thank you, I do not require one. Jon Hall got suspended for beating up his girlfriend. YouÍre not taking pointers from the Husker boys, are ya Jon?
North Carolina 24
Stanford 13
The first home game of the year. WeÍve wiped Stanford and Hawaii and now the UA takes on the Big 10. Survey says: No soup for Iowa! McAlisterÍs gonnaÍ stomp on these guys. Should be fun.
Arizona 21
Iowa 7

It doesnÍt matter where the game is, the whole state could show up „ defense wins games. Florida has the quickest defense in college football. This isnÍt a tough pick, Peyton is a Colt.
Florida 31
Tennessee 17
No one respects the way Kansas State has run up the score on tiny schools lucky to suit up a football team. The Wildcats will lose „ unfortunately not this week. Ricky Williams will make it closer, but Texas will fall.
Kansas State 35
Texas 24
BYU looks like theyÍve finally found a running game, but it is too much to ask the Cougars to beat Washington at home. This shouldnÍt be anymore than an extended practice for next weeksÍ trip to Nebraska.
Washington 42
BYU 21
ThereÍs no reason the Cardinal should be on this prestigious list of games „ they donÍt deserve it. This should be hideously ugly.
North Carolina 20
Stanford 10
Yawn. This ñtoughî game is just another test of ArizonaÍs ability to suck but win anyway.
Arizona 28
Iowa 17

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