Recent survey says most college students cheat
There's nothing worse than a lousy, rotten cheater. But according to recent surveys, most undergraduate students are in no position to judge. A nationwide study conducted in 1995 by Bowling Green State University revealed that 70 percent of undergraduate students surveyed admitted to cheating in class.

UA rolls over Hawkeyes
Going into Saturday's game against Iowa, the UA football team had heard a lot about the Hawkeyes' vaunted defensive line. After the game, though, it was Arizona's offensive line that was earning the compliments. "All the media (attention) and hype were going to (Jared) DeVries," UA offensive lineman Yusuf Scott said in regard to the Iowa All-American defensive lineman. "We had something to prove out there and we did. We were much more prepared than they were. We showed them something tonight."

Why not a national masturbation?
It's not only a matter of power, or authority, or ethics - it's also a pleasure," French intellectual Michel Foucault once said on the subconscious pleasure parents derive at watching over their children's sexuality after the 18th century furor over children's masturbation.

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