Drnek OK with new search for DSP head
A former finalist for UA's head of student programs came forward yesterday in support of the search committee's decision to expand the candidate pool. Associated Students Adviser Jim Drnek said yesterday that committee members told him he was "one of the top choices" for the highest spot in the Office of Student Programs.

Arizona wakes up and beats NAU
The Arizona soccer team should be accustomed to outshooting its opponents. Outscoring them, on the other hand, is something that's been infrequent this year. Not yesterday afternoon, though, as the Wild cats (3-4-1) erupted in the second half for three unanswered goals to topple Northern Arizona (4-5-0) at Murphey Stadium.

I want my MTV
It goes without saying that MTV is the whore of Babylon. Nonetheless, I found myself watching several consecutive episodes of "The Real World," trapped in the glare of beautiful people prancing around Se attle to the pulsing strains of modern rock. I desperately tried not to be interested, but found myself unable to turn away from the commercialized spectacle that MTV so consistently provides.

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The low down: CatCalls.

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