Likins requests $3M for underprivileged student aid program
UA President Peter Likins is trying to create new "Pathways to Student Success" with a program that targets underprivileged children before college. The purpose of the $3 million program is to increase the number of students from underrepresented minority groups before they enter the university, and guide them through their college careers. Likins is championing the program as way to reach out to minority students.

Arizona wakes up and beats NAU
The Arizona soccer team should be accustomed to outshooting its opponents. Outscoring them, on the other hand, is something that's been infrequent this year.

Are we having fun yet?
Lately, I have been obsessed with thoughts of fun. This could be directly attributed to the fact that with four children, two majors and two jobs, my actual contact time with fun has diminished greatly. My thoughts have not only been concerned with my desire to have fun, but with weightier issues as well. Questions run through my mind: "Will I still know when I am having fun?"

Tori Amos Photo Spread is here!
Check it out in today's arts section.

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The low down: CatCalls.

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