Live-in partners unable to get UA benefits package
If you're in a long-term, live-in relationship, you're welcome to work at the UA but don't ask for spousal benefits. So says Arizona Board of Regents President Judy Gignac, who called changing the current married-only benefits policy unfeasible given Arizona's current political climate. "I don't know if we could go so far afield from state politics," Gignac said. "Off hand, I would say that if there is not a need under law, the Board of Regents would have a very difficult time doing this."

UCLA remains leader of the Pac
The Pacific 10 Conference football season kicks into full gear this weekend as most teams have completed their non-conference schedules. With five teams ranked in the top 25 in both polls and three others receiving votes, the Pac-10 is one of the strongest football conferences in the country. The Pac-10 champion automatically goes to the Rose Bowl, though this year if the Pac-10 champion is ranked No. 1 or No. 2 it gets a bid to the national championship game in the Fiesta Bowl.

Time to go back
The purple sky is feathered with wisps of nebulous pink and blue bleeding blurrily down into heaving violet mountains. Looming above the valley, the mountains are huge gelatin heaps folding over each other like frozen purple waves tumbling onto a desert beach. A band of brilliant gold spills over the wavy rim of mountains in the west as the sun sinks further, softly pulling a starry night behind it like a bediamonded silk curtain.

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