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Islamic center spokesman misquoted

By Michael ãMuhammad As`adä Berdine
Arizona Daily Wildcat
October 8, 1998
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To the editor,

We at RAAD greatly appreciate the coverage the Arizona Daily Wildcat gave our activities last week. The spectacle of people of different religions building bridges over the walls that so often divide us does not usually get much press. It's the opposite we all too often see in the media.

Your series of articles were well done and a welcome change.

I do, however, wish to correct a quote attributed to me in the front page article of Friday's Wildcat. I did not say that "more than 40,000 Muslims have died at the hands of the Serbs."

What I said was: "250,000 and as many as 400,000 Bosnian Muslims were killed in the recent conflict in that country, and that 40,000 or more women were raped and often deliberately impregnated by Serbian soldiers during the conflict in Bosnia."

I went on to say that "it looks like what is happening in Kosovo now is a repeat of Serbian aggression against Muslims and that I hoped our (U.S.) response would not be two years too late as it was in Bosnia." I asked those assembled "to pray for the persecuted Muslims of Kosovo..."

I would appreciate this being clarified for the readers of your paper, especially the Bosnians and Muslims who know the facts and know that I would never make such an inadequate misrepresentation of the facts.

Michael "Muhammad As`ad" Berdine
Islamic Center of Tucson spokesman
History graduate student