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Arizona Daily Wildcat
October 1, 1998
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Wildcat Staff Picks #3 UCLA
#10 Arizona
UCLA favored by 5 points
#4 Tennessee
#7 Georgia
Georgia favored by 3 points
#22 Notre Dame
ASU favored by 3.5 points
#5 Kansas State
#14 Colorado
Kansas State favored by 15.5 points
#11 LSU
#6 Florida
Florida favored by 12.5 points

Bryan Rosenbaum
If you dont think UA can win, just look at Mike Jenkins column in yesterdays paper. Start smelling the Roses, or even break out the Tostitos and salsa. Lets keep one thing clear: the goalposts are coming down Saturday night.
Arizona 35
Another pair of top 10 teams going at it. Georgia impressed last week against LSU, while Tennessee has been cruising since beating Florida. The Vols in a close one.
Tennessee 24
Georgia 20
ABC picked this one over our game?? Wasnt this supposed to be one of the biggest games of the year?? Scary. J.R. Redmond, where are you? Notre Dame wins in a tight, but sloppy game.
Notre Dame 28
ASU 21
We all know about K-States soft schedule, and now they travel to Boulder, which is usually a daunting task. Not this year. The only problem K-State will have is trying to run the score up at a high altitude.
Kansas State 45
Colorado 20
Arizona does something Florida cannot use two quarterbacks. LSU has a good running back, but the Gators are out for revenge from last years upset in Baton Rouge.
Florida 24
LSU 17

I sensed something about the 97 hoops team here, and Im sensing it about the football team now, too. Im sensing they cant lose. Besides, OJ would be a tad upset if I didnt give him and the Cats some respect. Say hello to the top 10, Arizona.
Arizona 31
The Bulldogs surprised me last week beating LSU on the road. Theyll be fighting to avoid a letdown, but against a Tennessee team that got banged up badly at Auburn, losing their starting running back for the season.
Georgia 28
Tennessee 17
The Irish dont deserve to be on ABC Saturday. But they, and their vast fan base, are. So heres one for former Wildcat sports editor Jason Vrtis. And its cause I hate the Scum Devils, even at home.
Notre Dame 34
ASU 30
The only reason I want the overrated Wildcats to win this game is so that they can beat Nebraska later and shut up all the Husker fans. Thatsaid, the Buffs will play inspired ball and show KSU what it means to play a real team.
Colorado 42
Kansas State 38
The SEC teams are starting to beat up on each other. That continues here as the suddenly disappointing Tigers go get smacked by a team that knows how to use its home field advantage.
Florida 36
LSU 14

Dan Rosen
My mother always taught me to listen to my friend. Well, my friend Jason Scholz says Mark McDonald will come through in the clutch. I believe him and McDonald will kick a game winning field goal with just seconds remaining.
Arizona 24
No letdown here for the Bulldogs after a big victory over LSU last week. Tennessee is good as they are ranked No. 4, but they dont have Peyton Manning anymore and have already won one big game this year. That is enough for the Vols.
Georgia 31
Tennessee 28
J.R. Redmond is trying his darndest to get back into our Heisman watch. With a big game here he might just do that. Look for Redmond to be on the list in Tuesdays edition of the Wildcat as he piles up big numbers in an Sun Devil victory over the Irish.
ASU 31
Notre Dame 22
Kansas State and Michael Bishop will prove our papers esteemed sports writer Mike Jenkins wrong as they do beat the Buffs, a formidable opponent this week. Bishop wont win the Heisman, but he is a pretty good quarterback to say the least.
Kansas St. 42
Colorado 30
The Tigers need this victory just as much as ABC Sports needs to find a clue. Both wont happen as ABC runs a game with the Sun Devils and Irish, two of the most hated teams in Tucson and LSU loses for the second straight week in a thriller.
Florida 36,
LSU 33

Seth Doria
UCLA hasnt won in Tucson since a guy by the name of Troy was still wearing baby blue. Cade McNown may be hyped, but hes no Aikman. Look for McAlister to score a TD and dedicate it to the NCAA.
Arizona 34
It may be just the SEC, but so was Georgia-LSU last week, and that was a hell of a game. Time for Georgia to pull its big-win let down and let the Vols off the hook.
Tennessee 33
Georgia 31
ASUs only hope is that their run defense can hold up. But if the Irish can run wild on Purdue, they can do it against a sinking ship in Tempe.
Notre Dame 39
ASU 27
It would be great to see the the other Wildcats get romped, but the Buffs are just too banged up to do anything against the best run defense in the country.
Kansas State 27
Colorado 14
Normally this is a good game, and after to losing at home last week to Georgia, its possible that LSU could come up with a shocker. But give Florida an early lead and put all the weight on Herb Tyler, and Florida runs away with it.
Florida 41
LSU 17