Minor says she drank Everclear, no rohypnol at ZBT evening party
A 17-year-old student last night said she consumed a mixed drink known as "jungle juice" at a September Zeta Beta Tau gathering, despite fraternity policy against serving anyone - including minors - the beverage. The University of Arizona student, a Coronado Hall resident who asked to remain anonymous, said she and a handful of friends went to the ZBT fraternity house early Sept. 13. While at ZBT, the minor said she consumed Everclear and punch, a combination known as jungle juice, in a private room at the house. "I had a few sips to taste it and see what it was," she said.

Wildcats calm in face of hype storm
It's the spotlight game on ESPN.com. It's caused a swarm of media and a sellout crowd to descend upon the team. So in case there's anyone who's been in a cave for the past few days, it's Saturday's game between No. 10 Arizona and No. 3 UCLA at Arizona Stadium. But amid the gathering storm, the Arizona players remain focused.

Genetically programmed sex machines
Human males. We are born to have as much sex as possible with as many females as possible. In the animal kingdom, those who are genetically wired with higher sex drives naturally produce more offspring due to their more frequent mating. All other things being equal, those animals who produce more offspring pass on their genes in higher numbers, and eventually outbreed their competitors with lower sex drives. This inescapable fact of biological evolution results in animals tending to be more horny.

Catalyst Edition 7 is now online!
Dig the latest and greatest from the hippest arts zine around. Featuring a photo spread from the Garbage concert Monday night in Tempe!

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Catalyst Magazine.

The low down: CatCalls.

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