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ASUA president apologizes

By Tara Taylor
Arizona Daily Wildcat
October 9, 1998
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To the editor,

I would like to thank Ms. Maria D. Dean for bringing up the fact that in the Sept. 22 edition of the Daily Wildcat my quotation did sound derogatory and narrow-minded.

Unfortunately, there is only so much space permitted for Wildcat articles and the conversation surrounding the derogatory quotation included was a discussion on how women have progressed over the past 150 years and have taken tremendous strides in including all types of occupations into their specialties.

I commend the ballerinas, nurses and all other women of our nation that have made a difference in the way we each live our lives. Ms. Dean is correct in assuming I do not have the talent or intelligence to succeed in either of these occupations, but I am thankful that there are so many women and men from our fine institution who have and will.

It was never my intention to offend any of you, and for this I send my most sincere apologies.

Tara Taylor
ASUA President
Political science and public management senior