Lower paychecks a problem for faculty
If the state doesn't start paying UA faculty members what they're worth, it may hurt the school's ability to stay competitive, university officials said. Statistics show that University of Arizona faculty members take home smaller salaries than their peers at comparable state institutions. This deficiency could seriously harm the quality of UA science departments if the state legislature doesn't start budgeting more money for education, said Eugene Levy, Dean of the College of Science.

Extra drag show photos
In case you missed it first time, we have some extra photos of yesterday's drag show on the UA mall...

Terry, Bramlett set to lead young Wildcats to success
After losing three NBA draft picks, the Arizona men's basketball team could be excused for taking a "wait until next year" type of attitude. After all, this year's highly touted recruiting class will have a year to mature, Loren Woods, a 7-foot-1 transfer center from Wake Forest, will be eligible in 1999, and there will be a couple of new freshman additions to the team, highlighted by Jason Gardner, the nationally top ranked point guard from Indianapolis who gave a verbal commitment to the Wildcats over the summer.

The other vote last Thursday
Every now and then, an opportunity arises, which makes the answering of every call and opening of each piece of mail all worthwhile. Last Thursday one of those opportunities arose. There is no doubt it was the making of history. For just the third time ever in our republic, Congress moved to expand an inquiry on impeachment of the President of the United States.

KAMP Streaming Radio.

Catalyst Magazine.

The low down: CatCalls.

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