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  • UA's Icecats skate on financial thin ice
    by Arlie Rahn and Chris Jackson

  • ASUA member to initiate recall drive
    by Erin Mahoney

  • Man arraigned on exploitation charges
    by Liz Dailey

  • Ex-MVP guard Simon sues UA, K.C. newspaper
    by Susan Carroll

  • Robbery changes student's attitude of walking alone
    by Joseph Altman Jr.

    by Kim Stravers (Compiler)

    by Liz Dailey

  • Bug off! UA scientist explains mosquito penchant for human blood
    by Stephanie Corns

  • UA humanitarian alumnus dies at 22
    by Rachael Myer

  • UA raises parking ticket fines
    by Irene Hsiao

  • Babcock building closer to demise
    by David J. Cieslak