RAs, residents fire back at Res Life
Manzanita-Mohave Hall residents and RAs have banded together in support of Paul Graziano, a resident assistant who is expected to lose his job for drinking at an off-campus party and returning to the dorm.

Men's basketball short up front
With Friday's release of center Donnell Harris from the team, there is an uncertainty about depth in the front court, which boasts senior A.J. Bramlett, juniors Eugene Edgerson and Justin Wessel and freshmen Michael Wright and Luke Walton. While that group has skills and should pose problems for opposing defenses with their quickness, they are relatively small in relation to other conference powers like Stanford and Washington. "(With) Donnell out, that really hurts us," Edgerson said. "We now have one guy at 6-11 (Bramlett), Wessel is 6-8, Wright is 6-8 and I'm only 6-6."

Knowing your rights
Most people are not aware of their rights when dealing with the police. Many people have some vague notion that they should "cooperate" with the police, meaning they will answer the officer's questions, and allow the police to do whatever they want. However, our Constitution provides for protections from intrusive investigations, although the police are not going to explain this to you. A long history of case law has developed from the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, detailing the limits of how far the police can intrude into your privacy.

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