Likins: Child care facility in the cards
About 10 student-parents last night told UA President Peter Likins and the Associated Students Senate that the university is in dire need of on-campus child care. "Child care is a multi-grade issue," said Lauren LaRochelle, a media arts and film freshman. "It's a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate student issue." LaRochelle and others told the Senate that federal subsidies for day care are difficult to come by.

Football midterm score: 'A-'
The Arizona football team has seven games down and five to go, putting it a little past the halfway point of the season. But until the team showed it could rebound from the loss to UCLA, it did not receive a midterm grade. The following is a position by position breakdown of how the team has done in going 6-1 over its first seven games, and what needs to be improved over the remaining five.

Why should you care about Big Science?
The one-hundredth of a percent of UA students who are hard-core science majors are all locked away in labs performing bizarre feats of the mind, evolving into strange neural symbiosis with their computers, far from the light of day and the reality of three-figure IQs, so I'll address myself to my non-cybernetic brethren who must ask themselves when they see Big Science in the headlines, "Why the hell should I care?"

KAMP Streaming Radio.

Catalyst Magazine, with RENT audition photo extras.

The low down: CatCalls.

Today's Comics: Read'em!.

Read Police Beat?

Today's weather anyone?

Do you feel the action taken against former RA Paul Graziano was fair?

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