UA shooting guard quits b-ball team
A family illness has prompted redshirt sophomore guard Quynn Tebbs to quit the men's basketball team and move home to Salt Lake City. Tebbs, who had a chance to claim the starting shooting guard role for the Wildcats this season, said his grandfather was diagnosed with terminal acute leukemia Oct. 16 and that he has been contem-plating the move since then. "There are some things in life that are more important than basketball," Tebbs said from his home in Utah yesterday. "He's always been one of the most important people in my life. He's always been there for me and now I need to be there for him."

A driver's daze
UA students and employees who drive vans and other large vehicles for university business will soon be required to take a training course before getting behind the wheel. The state's Joint Legislative Budget Committee is forcing all three of Arizona's uni-versities to implement driver training for high-occupancy vehicles after a serious accident involving an Arizona State University van earlier this year, said Steve Holland, the UA's director of risk management and safety.

Man in the Hall: Campus life, 1946-'50
I will celebrate my 50th anniversary since graduation in 2000 and to tell you the truth I never thought I'd live this long. What innocents we were in 1946 and how scared I was when Dad delivered me to Maricopa Hall and drove back to Douglas. Not too many coeds were sent off to college in between the WW wars and most of the women went to girls' schools such as Bryn Mawr and Smith. But post World War II, when parents sent their girls off to school, they expected the Dean of Women to tame their daughters' raging hormones as well as educate them.

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