Police arrest suspect in murder on UA land
Tucson Police yesterday arrested a man and charged him with murdering a transient on UA's Tumamoc Hill, 1700 W. Anklam Road. Julio Caesar Tapia, 21, was arrested at his apartment on the 1300 block of West Saint Mary's Road by TPD's Homicide Unit. Tapia was charged with first-degree murder and is being held on $1 million bond at Pima County jail. TPD Sgt. Judy Altieri said detectives would not divulge how or why they found and arrested Tapia. "The leads that developed are not being released at this point," she said yesterday. "They're trying to protect a confidential source and it may compromise the investigation." The suspect search began when John Hughes, 44, was found dead in March by a Sun Tran bus driver. Hughes was lying face down, close to the tent where he lived near the 2200 block of West Anklam Road.

Freshman to lead Husker offense in bowl game
Nebraska has two quarterbacks who can start in any given game just like Arizona does in Ortege Jenkins and Keith Smith. Freshman Eric Crouch and sophomore Bobby Newcombe shared the bulk of the time this year leading the Huskers to a 9-3 record. "That's something that I can kind of relate to as far as splitting time," Crouch said in regard to Nebraska's similar situation. "A lot of players that come in from high school are quarterbacks and getting the timing down as a team is the hardest thing you have to do initially. If you don't have any team consistency things will tend to fall apart on you. That is something we've dealt with really well." The difference is that while both Jenkins and Smith will be playing in the Holiday Bowl, the Nebraska quarterback duo has been reduced to one because of injuries to Newcombe.

No comebacks
Push the envelope. Piss people off. Open some eyes. If there are any thoughts that still linger as I conclude nearly seven months as Wildcat chief, those would be the sum. Your profession and moral stances are irrelevant. Your birthplace and heritage likewise. You're just blowing smoke if you can't ethically push your own envelope to inform, entertain or educate. After you push your own, then try pushing someone else's. That's what I've tried to do at the Wildcat. That's a bit trite, but true nonetheless. And through pushing oneself - be it through a 12-hour-a-day editorial lifestyle or not - one tends to learn some things. Like how burnout can stealthily creep up and bite you in the ass. Like how to wade knee deep in verbal shit to get a word in edgewise. Like what a bummer self-imposed solitude in a crowd can be. Sounds great, eh?

Catalyst Edition 15!
The latest mind warp with plenty of booze, sex, nudity, debauchery, and recreational drugs!

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