Budget proposals 'stick in the eye' for UA
The governor and legislature delivered a one-two punch to the UA's state funding request Monday and yesterday, proposing to, at best, match last year's appropriation. "In general, there are some very unfortunate things (in each of the budgets) that stick out like a stick in the eye," said Greg Fahey, UA Associate Vice President for State Relations. The UA asked the state to allocate $284.5 million during the next two fiscal years from the general fund - an increase of about $28.5 million from 1999. The budget proposed by the Joint Legislative Budget Committee would allocate about $4 million less for all of Arizona's universities during both 2001 and 2002. The loss would translate into $1.5 million a year for the University of Arizona alone.

Jordan expected to retire today
For six months, Michael Jordan teased, taunted and tantalized a nation awaiting his answer. At last, he appears to have one. The greatest player in NBA history and the most popular athlete since Muhammad Ali is expected to announce his retirement today, a source with close ties to the NBA told The Associated Press Monday night. The Bulls scheduled a news conference for noon EST today. If so, it would be the second time in five years that Jordan has walked away from the game. ''I knew Michael wasn't coming back,'' Bulls free agent Dickey Simpkins said yesterday at the team's training site in Deerfield. ''He dropped hints last season and last summer that this would probably be his last go-around.

who we are & what we have done
If a group of people were to sit in a room and attempt to decide what object, act, discovery or group fully captures the essence of what the human spirit is, what would that thing be? Would it be the wheel? That pretty much got everything rolling. Or would it be Greek philosophy, which got us thinking? Or Copernican's model for a heliocentric universe, which gave us a sense of place? Maybe it would be Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, or the airplane, or the light bulb, or in-door plumbing, or even the cure for polio? It may even be the Beatles. Just what is that thing that exemplifies who we are and what we stand for? If we don't know what that thing is now, the events that may occur in 1999 will certainly show us.

Have you broken your New Years resolution(s) yet?

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