Arizona lawmaker attacks university for science park
As the Faculty Senate prepares for today's update on the UA's Science and Technology Park, one Arizona legislator is maligning university officials for their involvement in the business venture. Rep. Jean McGrath (R-Glendale) said she is sponsoring a measure mandating that universities sell the research establishments and stop further involvement with the sites. McGrath called the parks a "waste of money" and said she is "disappointed" in Arizona State University and the University of Arizona for sponsoring the facilities, which serve as research and development sites for corporate and university partnership. "I find it ludicrous that the university feels they have the expertise to do this," McGrath said during an interview yesterday. "I'd like them to get out of a bad investment. I'm baffled as to who let them be so silly - obviously the (Arizona Board of) Regents."

Beavers top UA in another tight game
Jason Terry's shooting touch went from fantastic to feeble, and the Arizona Wildcats became the latest victims of Oregon State's oppressive defense. Deaundra Tanner hit a running jumper with 28.3 seconds left and held Terry, who was suffering from a bad cold, to just five points as Oregon State came back to beat No. 9 Arizona 60-59 Saturday night, snapping the Beavers' 17-game losing streak to the Wildcats. ''I take full responsibility for the loss,'' said Terry, who scored 37 points in Thursday night's 85-83 win at Oregon. ''I wasn't myself all game. I felt like I was a whole 'nother person out there.'' Terry was just 2-of-10 from the field and 0-for-5 from 3-point range, and the Wildcats were held to more than 24 points below their average of 83.4. But they still had a chance to win at the end.

Dead Beat Dads
My ex-husband is a deadbeat dad. Not just any deadbeat dad, but the third-worst deadbeat dad in all of Pima county. I was recently notified of his promotion to that position. His arrears accumulated via seven years of noncompliance with court-ordered payments now totals upwards of $54,000. What a distinction. What a guy. What a disgrace. Sadder yet, though his noncompliance is worthy of the National Enquirer, he is far from alone. In this country, a mere 50 percent of children receive their ordered support. Another 25 percent receive partial, sporadic payments, and 25 percent receive nothing. In Pima County, the noncompliance factors are higher, with only 46 percent receiving full payment and a full 32 percent receiving no support from their fathers whatsoever. Nationwide, non-custodial parents owe $6 billion dollars in unpaid support to their children for 1998 alone.

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