Healing Wounds
David Mobley said he wishes he could go back to Vietnam and see all the beautiful country he couldn't appreciate in 1969 because of all the people shooting at him. When asked why he hasn't returned, Mobley smiled and simply held up his cane. "It would be kind of hard for me to walk around the hills now," he said. Mobley was on patrol in a village with South Vietnamese forces when his squad encountered a "fly trap." In a split second, an enemy soldier popped out of a small camouflaged hole in the ground and fired his pistol. Mobley was about six feet away when he was shot through the right side of the forehead. The bullet traveled through the top of his skull and embedded itself in the back of his helmet.

Men's tennis team opens season against Fresno St.
The No. 45-ranked Arizona men's tennis team hosts No. 22 Fresno State (0-1) today at 1:30 p.m. at Robson Tennis Center to officially start the spring season. The Wildcats have not gone up against Fresno State in two years, a match UA lost. Fresno has made it to the NCAA Tournament the last four years. This year the Bulldogs are led by junior Oliver Le Jeune, who is ranked 43rd in the country and just recently became academically eligible to play. "I think we are going to do fine," UA head coach Bill Wright said. "There are always a lot of questions going into the first match. We will have a lot of firsts out there today." The Wildcats have a youthful appearance this year with two seniors, five juniors, two sophomores and three freshmen on the roster.

the likeness of communication
More times than we should, we've all heard a sentence littered with the word like, the phrase you know, or odd usage of the word all. One wonders how, even in college, this verbal mis-articulation goes unnoticed. More importantly though, is how these spoken-word maestros are understood in society. Unless, we all talk that way or worse, we've trained ourselves to learn what these like-bombers are actually dropping. Low verbal skills have become more and more commonplace amongst people everyday. Verbal communication is slowly being eroded by years of technological force-feeding, creating verbal passivity en masse. The end results being mute 150-pound Nintendo-trained eight-year-olds, and Must-See-TV zombies whose key to personal relationships is the Ross and Rachel factor.

Have you broken your New Years resolution(s) yet?

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