City permit enforcement begins today
Be careful - the parking spot that was free Friday might cost you $25 today as Tucson begins enforcement of its new UA-area parking permit system. "We really don't want to be citing people," said Chris Leighton, city parking program coordinator. "We'd rather just keep them out." Streets in northern, southern and western areas of campus will be heavily policed to ensure students and employees with $150-$300 permits have a place to park. The city expects annual returns on the program of about $200,000 in coming years. "We'll have all sorts of people out enforcing," Leighton said Wednesday. "Within five minutes of you being parked (illegally), you'll probably get a ticket."

Wildcats avoid letdown, crush Cal Bears 91-74
After last Thursday's upset win over No. 3 Stanford, there was a worry that Arizona's youthful freshmen would let down and lose Saturday against California, negating any progress that had been made. But exactly the opposite happened as No. 13 Arizona (15-3 overall, 7-2 Pacific 10 Conference) took the game to Cal (12-7, 3-6) early, eventually winning 91-74 thanks to 26 points from senior point guard Jason Terry and a 16-rebound advantage behind 12 from freshman forward Michael Wright and 11 from senior center A.J. Bramlett.

Editorial: Make the on-campus housing policy utilitarian and just
Fairness is an arbitrary value when it comes to allocation in the face of scarcity and high demand. And when it comes to choice on-campus housing, demand and scarcity are the controlling factors. Residence Life's solution to this dilemma of demand and scarcity equates utilitarianism with justice. The on-campus housing authority last week decided to reverse its long-standing policy of giving returning residents first shot at their preferred residence halls and rooms in favor of incoming freshmen. The new policy guarantees placement to all freshmen who submit their applications by May 1 and would dole out whatever spaces remain among returners. Officials have not settled on whether they will use lottery or class rank to make the final split.

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