Flu patients flood UMC, Tucson ERs
The University Medical Center has congestion. The UMC emergency room has seen its share of the flu cases this month - including some sniffling UA students - and has increased treatment from 140 to 200 patients each day. "Our big challenge is volume - it's record breaking," said Fran Bartholomeaux, a UMC clinical nurse educator. She said a mild winter and an influx of east coast winter visitors have added to the number flu sufferers. "It's been a very potent flu season," Bartholomeaux said. "Our bodies are more susceptible to the flu because of changes in the weather." The symptoms of influenza, including fever, chills and a sore throat are sometimes ignored, she added.

Terry lands player of the week award
UA men's basketball senior point guard Jason Terry said after the Wildcats' 91-74 win over California that he hoped he would not get the Pacific 10 Conference Player of the Week award. "Let them save it for later in the year when I do something really important," he said. Despite his wish, however, Pac-10 commissioner Tom Hansen announced yesterday that Terry was indeed the conference player of the week for his performances in an Arizona sweep of the Bay Area schools over the weekend. Terry averaged 27.5 points, 4.0 rebounds and 4.5 assists while playing 37.5 minutes per game in wins over No. 3 Stanford and Cal over the weekend. He also went 16 for 16 on his free throw attempts and broke Reggie Geary's UA all-time record for steals in a career.

A square deal from an obtuse bookstore
We demand that business give the people a square deal. In return we must insist that when anyone engaged in business honestly endeavors to do right he shall be given a square deal." So said Teddy Roosevelt in 1913. And it's hardly less important today, when business is given so much breathing room in such a laissez-faire environment, that ethical codes still be based on, well, ethics. The ASUA Bookstore recently changed its book return policy. You can bring your receipt, your book in perfect condition, even a note from your mom saying what a good kid you are - it doesn't matter, your refund will be paid in in-store credit instead of cash.

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