Tuition cap proposal approved
Despite objections by the Arizona Board of Regents, a student-supported proposal to limit the Board's ability to set university tuition won its first battle in the Arizona legislature yesterday. HB 2338 would cap tuition hikes at the rate of inflation plus one percent. Supporters say the move would lower cost increases for students who have seen tuition rise about 5 percent in each of the past five years - about $100 per year. The bill passed the House of Representatives Public Institutions and Universities Committee on a 4-2 vote. The bill's sponsor, Rep. Mike Gardner, R-Tempe, said Arizona's constitution guarantees that higher education "shall be as nearly free as possible." He said the bill is a step toward ensuring that state universities remain accessible to as many students as possible.

UA softball team hungry for sixth national title
The Wildcats' buzzer-beater win over the Cardinal was not the only thing celebrated last Thursday night at McKale Center. The UA softball team was at center stage and center court at halftime when the players were honored for winning the Pacific 10 Conference Championship last year, a great memory and aspiration for players to have in mind as they open their '99 season this week.

Editorial: ASUA political funding issue belongs in real court
The Trujillo brothers' brief challenging ASUA's allocations of student fees to political and ideological groups on campus belongs in a federal or state court, not the ASUA Supreme Court. Questions of law involving the U.S. Constitution should be brought in a regular court, not the ASUA Supreme Court. The Trujillo brothers have not provided any authority giving the ASUA Supreme Court jurisdiction over U.S. Constitutional issues. They cite the ASUA Constitution, which gives the ASUA Supreme Court jurisdiction over ASUA constitutional issues, NOT U.S. constitutional issues. Furthermore, why would the Trujillos want to have the ASUA Supreme Court address this issue of student group funding, considering the judges are all appointees of Tara Taylor? It seems highly unlikely that they would be very sympathetic to a proposition to cut all funding to the ASUA's pet organizations.

Do you think the president of the Residence Hall Association should be removed from office after he allegedly made long-distance calls on the organization's tab and took students out to breakfast without proper approval? Read the latest article and vote.

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