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Rise and shine: Breakfast at Cafe Paraiso

By chlo‘ lung
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 4, 1999
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Arizona Daily Wildcat

Someone sometime has probably nagged you to eat a good breakfast before you go to school. Now Cafe Paraiso (800 E. University Blvd.) is offering an extensive morning menu that's reasonably priced and worth an early rise.

For those who enjoy light fare early in the day, there is the Continental Breakfast, which includes a pastry, coffee and orange juice for a reasonable $2.95.

On the more substantive side is the Full Stack ($2.95), three large, thin pancakes, which one of my breakfast partners was inspired to call "chewy." Smaller flapjack portions are offered, but a hungry student is advised to order a whole dish.

Speaking of sides, Cafe Paraiso serves up some mean home fries ($1.75). They're a little drier than your standard breakfast potato, and cut into small pieces, skin intact, but good nonetheless.

The fries can be enjoyed alongside eggs and a pork product of your choice for $2.25. The non-sausage-inclined may substitute toast.

I had the pleasure of sampling the Egg Sandwich ($2.25), one of many options for bagel lovers. This comes with a choice of cheeses, and is fabulous on a pumpernickel bagel. Ham can be added to the sandwich for a little extra change.

Cafe Paraiso is conveniently close to campus, and one of very few places to serve healthy, affordable breakfast. The menu is varied, and the choices of juices, tea and coffee complete the morning meal.

Be forewarned that table service is not guaranteed at this hour. No one came to inform my friends and I of this situation as we patiently sat at a table in the back room. But sheer hunger and experience with such occurrences at the Cafe prompted us to head for the counter, where we were accommodated quickly.

While waiting, we listened to the lively music playing over the restaurant's speakers. At a moderate volume and a fast tempo, it encouraged us, like the coffee and the home fries, to wake up and go to class.

by chlo‘ lung