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Les Nubians - Princesses Nubiennes

By doug levy
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 4, 1999
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Arizona Daily Wildcat

Les Nubians

Princesses Nubiennes


Les Nubians are two sisters from France who aren't afraid to let both their music and their language speak for them. Unlike so many other foreign artists who write and record their songs in English, regardless of their proficiency with the language, the Nubians prove that music is truly universal by keeping their songs in their native French, for the most part, without losing any appeal.

In fact, the beauty of the French language, coupled with the silky voices of the Nubian duo makes this American debut more enticing than it might have been if the songs had been tailored to an American audience.

The music is strongly rooted in hip-hop, with a heavy jazz influence, giving it an often trip- hoppy groove. The songs are smooth, without becoming slow-jam sickeners; Les Nubians even had enough ambition to do a reworked version of Sade's "Sweetest Taboo," all in French, of course, with an added rap from an MC called Casey. The hard edge added to the song by the rap actually works for it, and is only one of many surprises on this impressively unique release, a nearly seamless blend of beats, samples, African and world influences, acid jazz, rhythm and blues. - doug levy