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Kudos to Out House comic

By Abram Detofsky
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 5, 1999
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To the editor,

My name is Abram Detofsky, and I'm writing you to say "kudos" for Tiger Byrd's strip entitled Out House. In this sometimes polarized community where gays are often misunderstood, it's refreshing to find something in the Wildcat which uses subtle humor to dispel many of the myths that exist regarding gay life.

Unlike the shove-the-message-down-the-reader's-throat mentality of some, or the avoid-the-topic-at-all-costs mentality of others, Byrd effectively comes to a seemingly natural middle-ground where all parties can find humor, and maybe even a little understanding.

Kudos again on the great work! Out House is undoubtedly an asset to the Wildcat.

Abram Detofsky
Electrical and chemical engineering graduate student