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Meaker's trial a disgrace to RHA

By Geoff Gardner
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 8, 1999
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To the editor,

This letter is being written to address the incredible outrage, disappointment and utter frustration I have felt due to the RHA and it's corrupt president Matt Meaker.

As an RHA rep for Cochise Hall, and one of the jurors who voted Meaker's fate Thursday night, I feel I have an obligation to the student body. That obligation is to represent fairly all students that reside in my hall. Yet, what become apparent during Breakfastgate and Phonegate, the organization I answer to is no more than a ludicrous, powerless and pointless one. The "trial" held Thursday night was a pitiful display of shoddy democracy at best. Fascist censorship of juror questions by 'appointed' parliamentarian M. Bryan, an utter lack of prosecution throughout the entire cataclysmic affair, and Meaker's own desperate 'begging' was enough to make me puke.

Meaker stole money from his beloved organization, admitted that he stole the money, and then has the audacity to say that he doesn't deserve to be held to a higher level than, say, a resident assistant who has broken the rules. It seems Meaker believes that public officials (which RA's are not) should not be held accountable for their actions, and that previous high crimes should be forgotten. It makes me sick to think that these are the future policy makers, that this type of pre-Clintonesque behavior can be so easily overlooked.

Well, I am no longer willing to be a part of this disgrace. I wish Matt and all of the other spineless members of RHA who voted to keep him in the best of luck. You are just the type of people that this country has to look forward to.

Geoff Gardner
Creative writing and media arts freshman