Bill offers UA employees retirement benefits
Phoenix - A state legislature panel yesterday approved a bill that would offer most UA faculty and staff a window to retire younger and with higher pensions. The bill, passed by the House Banking and Insurance Committee with a 5-0-1 vote, lessens the state's retirement requirements and increases benefits from 2 percent to 2.5 percent.

Douglas, Wilson charged with stopping high-scoring guard
With six out of their last eight games at home, the UA men's basketball team is looking forward to getting things back together after a rough trip to Washington over the weekend.

Editorial: State bill bulldozes over the question of quality instruction
Arizona educators are already precipitously close to the caricature of state employees, being disgruntled and underpaid. Now a bill being entertained by the state legislature would complete the picture by giving them reason to tick the time toward retirement rather than giving them economic incentive to offer quality instruction.

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