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Cherry Ave. to reopen during construction lull

By Jennifer Olding
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 12, 1999
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Arizona Daily Wildcat

Project Timetable & Construction Map

The noise from rides will be the sole annoyance at the UA's annual Spring Fling carnival, as North Cherry Avenue will soon temporarily reopen and interference from construction will be gone.

The current work to put utility lines under the University of Arizona Mall will be completed in March, allowing Cherry Avenue to be reopened, said Melissa Dryden, program coordinator for Facilities Design and Construction.

Cherry Avenue will again close after commencement in May, when construction begins on the $20.3 million Integrated Learning Center.

The ILC building will be under the Mall and ultimately serve as a freshmen instruction center. It is scheduled to be completed in January of 2001.

ILC building construction was originally scheduled to start last fall, but was pushed back to January. Bids for construction will take place when the architectural design is finalized in April and actual construction will begin in May.

Spring Fling, which takes place April 1-4, falls between the two projects.

"The work being done now will be completed before Spring Fling, and the ILC construction will not start until after April," Dryden said.

Spring Fling officials expect a turnout of 40,000, up 5,000 from last year, if the area is clear of construction.

"We're trying to increase family attendance this year with the Kids Expo and three new programs," said Chantelle Brewer, Spring Fling's executive director.

Spring Fling made a profit of more than $28,000 last year said Brewer, a marketing senior.