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By Kim Stravers
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 15, 1999
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Today marks the first day of the 7th Annual Conference on the Holocaust, a week-long series of events (sponsored by the Hillel foundation), which focuses on the theme of "Don't Let the Past Slip Through Our Fingers." Throughout the week, a collection of student photographs focusing on Holocaust memorials and sites of historical significance will be on display at Hillel during regular building hours. More information can be had at 624-6561. And if you cannot make it to Hillel today, at least try to stop by the 24-Hour Vigil on the Mall. A separate photo display will be on site to complement a reading of more than 22,000 names of Holocaust victims. You may contribute to Hillel any names you would like to be read. Brad Schencker will give you more information at 624-6561.

So, you think you need to go to New York (or, at least, Phoenix's Planet Hollywood) to catch a glimpse of the stars? Well, get your head out of the clouds- the UA will be hosting a celebrity for you star-struck cats this morning at the Marroney Theatre. Kitty Carlisle Hart, Broadway and television veteran starlet, will give a public discussion of her career at 10 a.m. All credit for this lecture must go to the Theatre Arts Department and Invisible Theatre. Call the Fine Arts Box Office at 621-1162 for details.

The University of Arizona celebrates Black History Month! Continue kicking up your heels and opening your mind at today's lecture. Jon Michael Spencer (University of Richmond) will be poised at the podium of the Student Union's Rincon Room from 12 to 1:30 p.m., teaching y' all the basics of "African-American spirituality in Popular Music." Address your questions to Eleanor Navarro at 621-5665.

When's the only time "just going through a phase" is a good thing? When one is talking about an element, of course. Run, don't walk, to Room N210 of the Steward Observatory this afternoon for a discussion of "Phase transitions in dense hydrogen." Setsuo Ichimaru, guest lecturer from Tokyo University, will kick off this Theoretical Astrophysics Colloquium at 4 p.m. Barbara Kausen will provide you with all relevant details if you call her at 621-7690.

Monkeys or God? Monkeys or God? Sounds like a Wildcat opinions column, huh? Hear one side of the argument this afternoon at the Anthropology Lecture. Pennsylvania State University has agreed to give up Henry Harpending for a few days so that he may better educate us about "Recent Genetic Perspectives on Human Evolution and Modern Diversity." Show your appreciation and interest by coming to Room 216 of the Anthropology (Haury) building at 4 p.m. Who ya gonna call for more information? Try the Anthropology Department at 621-2585.